David Rewcastle

Darien, CT

David Rewcastle is a financial analyst based in Darien, Connecticut. He specializes in analyzing energy equity and fixed income. He has a proven track record of generating superior returns. David has extensive experience in the energy and utilities sector and a strong background in petroleum and macroeconomics. As the Senior Partner/Analyst at E3 Research Associates since January 2018, David has been instrumental in providing strategic insights and consulting services to both publicly listed and privately owned companies. His focus on Equities Energy Economics has contributed significantly to client success and market outperformance.

David was a Senior Analyst from February 2011 to July 2019, specializing in Energy-related equities and fixed-income products at RHK/Source Capital Group. During this time, he provided valuable stock recommendations for Compass Point Partners Hedge Fund as a Sell Side Publishing & Desk Analyst. In addition to his corporate experience, David shared his knowledge as an Adjunct Professor at New York University from September 2014 to August 2018, further demonstrating his commitment to education and professional development.

David holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Business Administration and Management from New York University, augmenting his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science and Government from the University of Calgary. With a solid academic foundation and a wealth of practical experience, David is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of financial markets and drive optimal outcomes for his clients.