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David Rewcastle

Darien, Connecticut

David Rewcastle gas prices

Biden’s ‘teachable moment’ on fossil fuels

“We will be paying for it,” David Rewcastle, a University of New Haven analyst and economics professor told USA Today last week of the left’s endless war on fossil fuels. He noted there was no short-term solution to rising energy prices this winter.

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Why can’t America just stockpile fuel?

“If we had the Marcellus pipeline to Pennsylvania, this wouldn’t be an issue,” said David Rewcastle, University of New Haven analyst and economics professor. A pipeline between the lush natural gas Marcellus shale and New England was blocked by former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution

The no. 1 analyst in the oil equipment, services, and distribution sector had a simple thesis last year: Drilling for oil in the Middle East was headed up. Way up.

He was correct. David Rewcastle, 45, at Argus Research Co., scored with buys all year on firms like Schlumberger Corp.

What are Examples of a Commodity?

Alternative technologies and products can decrease the demand for older commodities. According to David Rewcastle, Darien, CT equity analyst, the rise of renewable energy has led to a significant decrease in investment in oil and natural gas.

Darien Equity Research Analyst David Rewcastle Pulls Back the Curtain on Equity Investing

David Rewcastle explains equity investment that rises in value will result in the investor receiving the monetary difference if they sell their shares or the company liquidates its assets and fulfills all its obligations. 

Consumers facing high energy costs as winter quickly approaches

David Rewcastle, a professor in the economics department at the University of New Haven, explained that it’s not just the U.S. experiencing higher energy prices. He said Europe is getting walloped even worse by the rising costs.

“Europe is facing a perfect storm,” he said.

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A Less Combustible Natural-Gas Play

U.S. natural gas is one of the most volatile and economically sensitive areas of the energy sector.

A hurricane or tropical storm, for example, can shut down large quantities of gas production in or around the Gulf of Mexico. Onshore production can be turned off fairly quickly when prices fall too low.

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Baker Hughes' profit up, but outlook `less certain'

“Baker Hughes has a disproportionate amount of its operations in the Gulf of Mexico,” said David Rewcastle, an analyst at Argus Research in Stamford, Conn., who rates the shares a buy and owns none. “They usually get hit more than anybody else.”

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Precision Drilling to Buy Grey Wolf for $2 Billion

Precision Drilling Trust, Canada’s largest driller, agreed to buy Grey Wolf Inc. for $2 billion to add customers, equipment and crews in fast-growing U.S. natural-gas basins in states such as Texas and Colorado.

David Rewcastle Explains Why Consumers Face High Energy Prices This Winter

Rewcastle also said the global energy crisis could portend other sectors of the economy also being negatively affected. “If you look in front of every recession, you will find oil shock,” Rewcastle said. “There are hardly any recessions that you will not find an oil shock preceding.”

Darien Financial Analyst David Rewcastle Shares His Story: Truth and Energy

David Rewcastle, Darien, CT, has been studying and teaching economics for the better part of 30 years. He has experienced expansion and slowdowns and knows what to look out for prior to a recession.

David Rewcastle: Second-Round Effects of High Energy Prices

David Rewcastle of Darien, CT states that many sectors are feeling the effects of rising energy prices. Higher energy prices directly impact aviation, shipping, and the chemical industries.

Energy Analyst David Rewcastle Interview - Company InFocus

Award-winning Energy sector analyst David Rewcastle weighs in on the falling energy prices in 2022 and how the fed can step in

David Rewcastle states “We have not seen an energy crisis like 2022”

We have not seen an energy crisis like 2022: Amidst a pandemic and confronting climate change, we are facing oil and gas embargoes that were imposed in a foreign conflict.

David Rewcastle Tells USA Today “Maybe this will be a teachable moment”

Gas prices have been on the decline for the past three months after oil supplies rebounded and demand cooled. But that decline has slowed, leaving analysts and consumers anxious over what could happen next for prices at the pump.