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David Rewcastle

Darien, CT

With decades of experience and immense knowledge in the field, David Rewcastle of Darien, CT has made quite a reputation as an innovative energy analyst. His outstanding reputation has earned him the privilege to help organizations maximize potential profit and increase efficiency. Find out more about his remarkable skills and offerings here.

What’s David Rewcastle’s background? 

David Rewcastle is an experienced energy analyst from Darien, Connecticut with a passion for researching, understanding, and predicting the markets.

David Rewcastle has a Master’s Degree in Near East Studies and Business Administration from New York University’s Institute of Near East Studies and the Stern School of Business where he majored in finance.

With such training, coupled with his state-of-the-art strategies and tactics to navigate the ever-changing markets, he offers organizations valuable advice on how to succeed.

How does David Rewcastle use data-driven analysis for renewable energy projects?

David Rewcastle utilizes his years of experience and data-driven analysis in order to effectively advise businesses when it comes to renewable energy projects. 

He provides market research to identify the available incentives for renewable energy development, as well as a detailed financial and technical analysis of each particular project’s potential benefits and drawbacks. 

He also tracks district-wide patterns in energy use, to help businesses maximize the impact of their investments.

What have been some of his successful projects?

David Rewcastle is currently a Senior analyst at E3 Research Associates, a third-party research and analytics company, and an instructor of economics at the University of New Haven. He is a former professor at the New York University School of Professional Studies, where he teaches courses in valuation and finance. His experience includes being a senior research analyst at RHK/Source Capital Group, an analyst at Divine Capital Markets and Capstone Investments, as well as September Group Research Partners. David is a former sovereign risk & rating associate analyst at Fitch Ratings/Thomson Bankwatch and a field analyst with Schlumberger’s Seismic Exploration Group.